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Enter the post-classifieds era with Fleaper.
It's free, simple and fun.

Picture perfect

Take a picture of your vintage item and make it look oh so great. The app will match the look and feel with your picture and create an awesome fleap.

Custom-made fleap

Describe what you’re selling and choose a template. No forms that take forever to fill, no categories. Just hashtags. #simple

Share it and sell it

Publish and share your fleap. Set it free in the social media world and let your item find a great new owner.

What goes around comes around

Your old toy, long forgotten radio from your grandfather's garage or the cassette collection you no longer need. One man's trash is another man's treasure. Get rid of your stuff, earn some money and make someone really happy. Remember; the price is just a number, the real value is in the eyes of the buyer.

After all, it's all about spreading good vibes.

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